Dinesh Rawat – a garden Vastu consultant from Kolkata has travelled to over 60 countries and researched about Palm trees and introduced over a hundred species of Palms in India. He has authored books like “Palms for India” and “Green Your Surroundings”. He has studied modern concepts of gardening and landscaping and infused his knowledge with Vastu to offer effective solutions.

He established a state of art nursery “GREEN MALL” and has lived with plants for 20 years Dinesh has on ground experience with all kind of plants suitable for Indian conditions, He brought into India the technology of excavation of big trees and palms which has saved thousands of trees from cutting down. He introduced the use of coco-pith in Indian nurseries and now no can even think of pot-plants without coco-pith. His contributions for last 15 years have brought significant improvements in Indian horticulture scenario.

He is now available for consultation for large gardens, farmhouses, resorts and landscapes.