A Spiritual Seeker

Dinesh-Rawat-18Axis of Dinesh is spiritual knowledge from Brahmakumaris. Whatever he is today, it is because of his spiritual enlightenment. He would have been a totally different personality if his course of life would not have taken a diversion. He has been a very angry young man with ugly habits of heavy smoking and drinking, but he has turned into a very sober and kind person and dedicated himself to the cause of serving humanity through Nature and Spiritualism. He was instrumental in establishing Brahmakumaris Rajayoga Retreat at Green Mall. Brahmakumari sisters live there and conduct regular morning and evening classes on Raja Yoga and meditation. Dinesh starts his day at 4 in the morning with half an hour of meditation where he gets divine benevolent inspirations. His in-depth understanding and experience makes him an excellent speaker on any spiritual subject. A message on the back side of his visiting card speaks of his outlook – “All human beings are members of my family, my family is not confined to the boundaries created by human beings!”

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