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Dinesh-Rawat-5It was in 1988, after joining Brahma Kumaris movement that Sri Dinesh Rawat received an input that history of civilization is mere of 5000 years. His intellect was not in a position to accept the theory and he decided to explore about its validity. To now, after 25 years of vigorous research, he has come out with some unbelievable and shocking facts about the history of India and civilization.

In the process of investigation, Dinesh has studied hundreds of books and articles, altogether more than 10000 pages. He interviewed several historians in India and abroad, he visited several historical places and discovered that the history of civilization as we know, is a gross fabrication. A lot of truth had been concealed for various reasons. There are some people who have the idea of falsification of history and they think that all these have been done within last 300 years by Europeans and Britishers in particular.

Dinesh-Rawat-17But the fact remains that the process of falsification has been going on for last 2500 years.

All the founders of religions in West like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohamed had their roots in ancient India. They might not be born in India but whatever they taught was generated from ancient Indian wisdom. Takshashila University was in existence 2700 years back, much before any religions had emerged! Students from around the ancient Babylonia-now Iraq, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor now Turkey, Arabia, and China studied until its destruction in the 5th century CE. There were nearly 10500 registered students at Takshashila and 2 out of 3 applicants were rejected.  Dinesh-Rawat-6

Actually, Dinesh’s exploration got momentum after he came to know that Jesus lived in India for 16 years and did his education in various parts of India. He was intrigued as to why this 2000-year-old event had no mention anywhere. It would be obvious to anyone that where else Jesus could have been during his ‘lost years’

A very big mess up has been made by inventing an imaginary theory of Aryan invasion. This theory was created to make it appear that Indian culture and philosophy was dependent on the previous developments in Europe, thereby justifying the need of colonial rule and Christian expansion in India. So, in essence, the British used the theory of the Aryan Invasion to strengthen their “divide and conquer” policy.

There are hundreds of shrouded facts like Taj Mahal which was never built by Shah Jahan but by Maharaja of Jaipur and it was nor actually built as Shiva temple- a shrine for the Hindus. The Qutub Minar was a Hindu structure used as an observatory tower.

The subject of Anthropology and history has been complicated deliberately so that no one could go beyond shrouded curtains. Dinesh has succeeded to unveil those facts and solved most of the puzzles there are all getting ready to write a book based on his findings.


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