A Poet

Dinesh-Rawat-19Any person living in harmony with nature, loving every particle in the universe, accepting no boundaries created by human beings, remaining ever happy would naturally become a poet. His heart starts singing without any efforts.

Same is the case with Dinesh. He could write verses for Prakriti Ki Pukar and Prakriti Vandana. These lyrics have become quite popular and used for two audio Albums on nature and environment.

Following are few verses which speak about his outlook and philosophy. Very deep yet very simple.

What More Can I Ask

After He has made me realize really who am I.
After learning to establish connection with Him.
Fortunate I am able to claim his inheritance
Making my life meaningful and spreading fragrance

What more can I ask
After knowing my tiny role in this vast universe
After understanding secrets of the world drama
After realizing essence of life is just happiness
After learning to remain happy for no reason

What more can I ask
Fortunate enough to walk through all lanes of life
Earning name, fame, power, money and wealth
Excellent family with loving wife and children
Just to serve humanity through Nature.

Was It an Ignorance

Trying to be very humble that morning
Offered him my body, mind and belongings
Surrendered all my breaths and thoughts
Feeling generous,  waiting for His answer
Soon came the response with graceful smile
It was a question rather than an answer
What do you think is yours that you offer
Humble me! Was shattered into millions
Could not I find anything belongs to me
Wonder my humility has been an arrogance
Or was it an ignorance!

I Am No One

My realization is that I am no one.
Stay gracefully silent if at all I be someone.
Why should I make judgment on any one.
As we all living in the domain of that One.

Did not come to this earth on my choice.
Had no prerogative to select my parents.
It was not my privilege to choose my family.
Nor given a chance to prefer an environment.

Who has bestowed me with the faculties I have.
Surely somewhere my destiny has been planned.
No one can add even a day to my life calendar
It’s not my talent which makes me breathe and think

If I am no one then what is my role in the world.
What difference it would make if I exist or not.
Assume me a tiny particle in this vast universe.
Every tiny particle has a role to play here, so am I.

It’s up to me to accept the drama of the divine or not.
It was there, it is there and it will be there for eternity.
If I choose not to accept, I have to lead my life in conflict.
When I accept, I lead this life in grace and harmony.



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