An Environmentalist

To-day almost everyone is aware that Global Warming had become the greatest challenge before the mankDinesh-Rawat-12ind. But it was not so alarming 15 years back. At that time only a few scientists and environmentalists had some idea about it. Dinesh became aware of this incoming threat and decided to live the rest of his life in harmony with Nature. He shifted his abode from Kolkata to a village called Samukpota in South 24 Paraganas, a district in West Bengal. No one could think that he would stay in a village for a long period. But to him, the mission was more important and he lived here since 2001, and only in 2014 he moved to Mt. Abu with his next mission.

He had come to the village with a noble heart. But local people remained suspicious and thought that Dinesh might have some a hidden agenda. Why a person would come to a village leaving behind a luxurious lifestyle and also his family. They put a lot of hurdles and challenges in every manner. But Dinesh was never disheartened. He continued with his Dinesh-Rawat-16mission and set of environmental work even in adverse situations. He firmly believes that the boat of truth may shake but never sink. After few years, everyone silently started
appreciating his work and contribution to Mother Nature and Environment.

He probed deeply to find out the root causes of Global Warming.He discovered what Scientists cannot see. The root cause is the lack of spiritual knowledge. Our materialistic attitude has resulted in a culture of consumerism. Today mission of most of the human being is to make money and acquire more and more buying power. With his limited resources he established a Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Training Centre on his village property. Later he introduced the concept of Green Mall, a campus to inspire everyone to live in harmony with Nature.