The editor of ‘The Mukhyabarta’ a Bengali newspaper which was fortnightly published simultaneously from Kolkata and Durgapur, has reported in their publication dated July 15, 2015, about Green Mall and The Brahma Kumaris Centre located at Samukpota on Bakhrahat Road, Ps-Bishnupur, South 24 Paraganas. It was reported that it has been developed initially on a sprawling green 2 acres of land. This land was actually procured by Sri Dinesh Rawat when the surrounding area was a lowland and totally filled with wild bushes and woods. Sri Dinesh has a collection of nearly 2500 species of plants from different parts of the world and 200 varieties of Palms. Gradually Sri Rawat has developed the garden into a divine nursery. With this, he also established a center of Brahma Kumaris. Sri Rawat has been associated with the Brahma Kumaris for 28 years. Once, Sri Rawat was a business icon and has been running his business in highest order, dignity & satisfaction. He developed on his own, many social & environmental programs involving people in all walks of life from the locality and made his every such attempt a grand success. Green Mall provides not only variety of plant, organic manure, pots but also other accessories including everything concerning gardening. In other words, people who are interested in gardening can get everything at one stop and under one roof.

Other than the above features, this sprawling green space provides all such facilities and amenities like developing one’s mind and soul through meditation. All sorts of assistance on how to perform in the development of soul including Rajayoga are extended exclusively free of cost at the BrahmaKumaris. All the brother and sisters of BK Ashram are very cooperative, courteous & well-tuned even to a stranger interested to get accustomed to the philosophy of BK.

So whoever is interested may visit this virtual paradise or come in contact and enjoy everything to his heart’s content.

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