A Businessman

As a person, Dinesh was always reserved and never wanted to take up living as a businessman. He came across several businessmen who had enough Dinesh Rawatwealth but no peace of mind. He was happy working as an executive in corporate houses, but destiny had other plans for him. His wife Maya is from Sri Lanka, she has been insisting upon him to take up business as a career, which will have some connection with Sri Lanka so that they can have a purpose of traveling there.

Ultimately after serving others for nearly 13 years, he had to give in to the desires of his beloved wife. He started his own business in a very small way. He did not have any knowledge, background, and experience in any sort of business. He took a plunge and survival was much tougher than he had imagined. No ordinary person would dare to take such a risk especially when he has three infant kids and no financial resources to support them.

When day to day survival had become quite difficult, he was at his lowest in his life and no positive signs were emerging, he came across a very valuable book – “Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill. A book which has almost all the guidance to make him successful in business. He took almost two years to study the book seriously and inculcate its teachings. Finally, clouds cleared, after four years of vigorous struggle he came out victorious with flying colors of success.

Liaison business of representing Indian manufactures in Sri Lanka started flourishing.
Gradually his business activities started growing in other countries too. His trustworthy dealings with his buyers, suppliers and service providers made him an extremely likable personality. He started earning name, fame, money, power, position, and possession. He held directorship of over 15 companies. He was associated with all major Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils, clubs and business fraternity groups. He traded in many products in many countries and became an expert in international markets having knowledge about foreign trade of many countries.

He had set his target to become India’s No 1 businessman by the year 2000 but his spiritual awakening in 1994 changed the direction of his Goal. He realized that true success in life is not only earning money, fame and power, it is something beyond. He was gradually inclined to slow down his business and earn just as much as would suffice to maintain the family. His spiritual mind was driving him to involve in a benevolent business and he discovered the fulfillment at “Green Mall”. What could be a better business than helping Nature and inspiring people to live in harmony with Nature? Even now after ten years of his giving up o the business of International Trading, his old associates assert that if he continued his business, he would have climbed up the highest peak.


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