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23 May


Dinesh Rawat

Dear Fellow Indian:

It is a day of great satisfaction to me, as I have spent 25 years of my life in researching and investigating the true history of India & human civilization. For the last 2000 years, the glorious past of India started getting veiled for various reasons in history books.

Dinesh Rawat The situation became worse for the last 1000 years as foreign invaders, rulers, groups, and governments made Indian history totally helpless and brought it to a pathetic state.

The situation was very painful to my heart but there was nothing much I could have done as the country was ruled by Congress Party and they were meticulously prolonging British thoughts and mission in India.

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I was very happy on 26th May 2014 when Sri Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister. I wrote a letter to him. (Click here to see the letter).

During the campaign of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections , after seeing the propaganda of opposition, I was wondering whether people would believe them and take a path which would push India back to the days of the pathetic state of History.

Dinesh Rawat

My sincere thanks and appreciations to my fellow citizens who have shown that for us it is Country First. They have shown a mirror to those parties who have been criticizing a good government just for their benefit and survival.

To-day lets pledge that we shall always put Nation First and strengthen hands of Sri Narendra Modi and his team in their efforts to re-make India as the No 1 country in the world.



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