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Dinesh has in-depth knowledge on Vastu and Gardening. He has gained profound knowledge on gardening by living with all types of plants round the clock. He understands that different plants behave in a different manner at different seasons, further their behaviour differs according to the geographical location of a site. He merges his knowledge on plants and deep research on Palm trees and advises best planting guide for suitable plants at suitable places in garden or indoors.

Leisure at a beautiful garden is dream of everyone, owning garden is ultimate reward of life.

Placement of each plant, tree and other objects is a matter Vastu science. A garden could be more charming with positive energy if it is laid down with perfect knowledge of plants and their behaviour in different weather and locations.

Sri Dinesh Rawat has done an extensive research on Palms trees during his travels to 60 countries.

He has introduced over hundred species of Palms in Indian horticulture. Palms are extremely Vastu friendly plants as they do not block sunlight and air, they do not litter the ground and grow within a limit.

If you are looking to upgrade your garden or going to make a new garden, you can avail his consultancy.

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