His definition of family is very magnanimous. He says “All human beings are members of my family. My family is not confined to the boundaries created by human beings”

Along with his world family, he is bestowed upon a very happy family. His mother Late. Smt. Shanti Devi was his greatest source of inspiration. Dinesh will always have the highest respect for her as she supported him in all his endeavors. His father was not willing to finance him after high school. It was she who supported Dinesh for further studies.

Dinesh married his Sri Lankan Pen-friend Maya in 1981, a love story unique in its own way. They have three children, Roshni, Dinesh-Rawat-14Chandni & Dinmay. Roshni is married to a planter and now she is a mother to daughter (Jiana) and a son (Kiyan). Dinmay is married to Poonam and they have a lovely daughter (Ruhani) and are recently blessed with a baby boy. Chandni is yet to get married. The entire family lives together harmoniously Dinesh-Rawat-10in Kolkata.