Landscaping Advisor

Dinesh used to live in mega cities and lead a sophisticated urban life. He had never dreamt that he would start living in a village and take up his career as an environmentalist. His love Dinesh-Rawat-20for nature and concern about causes of Global Warming inspired him to shift his abode to Green Mall in the year 2002. He started living with plants and with his keen interest of learning. He started observing the plant world. He has never attended any Agricultural University nor acquired any degree in agriculture or horticulture. He took practical training from leading horticulturists, landscapers, botanists and nurserymen. He learned about new concepts and ideas from leaders in these fields in USA, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka and India. He worked with acquired knowledge at his nursery in the vicinity of Kolkata and learnt everything about plants including collection of seeds, germination, various multiplication techniques, seedlings raring, trimming, pruning, palms & trees and also excavation and plantation of big trees and palms. He learnt plant identification and prescribing suitable plants for specific location. Thirty acres of land for nursery and plantation provides him ample scope to learn and conduct experiments with millions of plants.Dinesh-Rawat-13

His special interest in research was Palms. He observed that Palms were not in vogue in India. Landscapers and gardeners used to know about just a score of Palms. He imported seeds of several Palms from various corners of the world and introduced about 200 types of Palms in India. He made a short film on Palms and motivated people to introduce Palms in urban landscape. To make things easy he even authored a simple handbook “Palms for India”

He has also written “Green Your Surroundings” exclusively with his own experience and in-depth study. This book is very helpful to people living in cities and in multi-storied apartments.

With his knowledge and creativity, to-day he is one of the best persons to create large, sensuous and theme oriented landscape. Even after moving to Mount. Abu, he is helping people with his expertise.

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