Palms for India

In the course of his business travel across the world, he observed that Palms are extensively used in the urban landscape in USA, Australia, Middle East and South Asian countries. But in India, they were not in vogue. Palms are ideal for urban landscape as they create a beautiful geometrical landscape. Palms have a lot of advantages over trees when it comes to urban landscape. Palms never overgrow like trees and they have a small root system. They take less ground space and do not disturb underground facilities.

Palms for IndiaModern multi-storey buildings have basements for parking, water tank and ground floor does not have more than 3-4 feet of soil. Further electric cable, water & sewer line, gas pipeline etc. are less likely to be affected compared to trees.

He though that he can serve the country by introducing and popularizing palms in India. He had studied extensively about palms in Australia, USA, Thailand, and Sri Lanka for four years. With two years of hard work and support of his friends, he authored “Palms for India” and priced it as low as Rs. 290.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that the book has brought desired results, the book has become a must for all landscapers, gardeners, and nurserymen. To-day all over India palms have become very popular. No landscape is being considered without palms.

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