Prakriti Ki Pukar

ooMusic is a powerful inspiration to move people. Dinesh spent almost two years and produced an audio album with environment songs. cd

It’s for the first time in the world, that someone has cared to make songs for Nature. In this album, there are 10 songs in Hindi which are sung by leading Bollywood singers. Lyrics have come out from the core of the heart of Dinesh. These CDs are distributed free to schools and institutions and copying is permitted without any charge of obligation. All the songs are highly provoking and soothing to the ear.


Phuchti Hai Dhara

Mere Bharatwasi Jaag Utho

Hawaon Ka Samjhe Ishara

Mujhko Hariyali Se Pyar

Beej Se

Apni Dharti Ko BachayeinPoudha

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