Safal Jivan

From Zero to Creating Heroes 

Dinesh Rawat is a well-known versatile personality of Kolkata. He has not only traveled to 60 countries but also traversed all the lanes of life and excelled in whatever he did.

He had a humble beginning with education from an ordinary Hindi medium school and started his career with a low profile job at a mere salary of Rs. 75 per month.

But he had a burning desire to achieve success in life. He started studying various techniques of achieving success and personal development. He studied deeply a lot of inspiring books, for example, Law of Success, Silva Mind Control, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Mental Thinking, Power of Subconscious Mind, Art of Learning, Raja Yoga Meditation,  Pranayama & Yoga etc.

His success in life is phenomenal in all areas. While working in the corporate world he was identified as a Result Getter. He started his own business without a single penny in hand and rose up to a  great height to own a Govt. of India Recognized Export House having an ISO certification and business spanning in many countries. After reaching pinnacle in International Trading, he decided to dedicate himself to the service of humanity through spiritual and environmental activities. Within a short span of three years he wrote three books on gardening and plants. He created two audio albums with highly inspiring environmental songs- the first time in the world!

His strong learning capabilities made him a champion in botany even without having any formal education, with his expertise he created a green paradise at Green Mall on a 12 acre campus.

His lectures on meditation, happiness and his holistic way of life have brought positive changes in many lives. He has taken training on Yoga at  Patanjali – Haridwar and Naturopathy at Jindal Naturopathy Institute – Bangalore. He has done graduation in Silva Mind Control.He is associated with Brahma Kumaris for 30 years at a senior level.

He has inspired, motivated and changed the lives of so many during the journey of his life. Under his able leadership “Safal Jivan” will generate champions in all fields to make India world leader in all areas.

However, Dinesh does not like to accept any credits for his achievements.He is just an instrument of divine and all his actions are just happening under his direction only.

Whatever be the fact, he has been an instrument who has created a highly inspiring story and set an example of overcoming all kinds of hurdles and challenges in life. Since the beginning of his life, obstacles kept coming on his way, and he has been passing  them with poise and confidence. He says that he has no hesitation to say  that he is one of the most fortunate persons in this world. Although he is not in the list of top businessmen,  celebrity and never hold any public position, but what he possesses in form of contentment and happiness is more worthy than all the successful men in the world.  According to him true success lies beyond name, fame, money, power, position and possession.

In September 2015 Dinesh decided to donate all of his land and building and create Green Mall Campus for the welfare of people. He made “Green Paradise Trust” and under the trust started “Safal Jivan Institute to share his treasure of knowledge and experience through which many would be enlightened to lead a successful and meaningful life.

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