Having a meaningful garden is the ultimate lifestyle reward. In to-days world when most of the families are confined to flats in multi-storied apartments, having a garden or a farm-house is a blessing.

Even most of those fortunate few, who possess the land, do not have a meaningful garden that can provide aesthetics which can bring beauty, satisfaction, health, and prosperity. 

The main reason for this shortcoming is the lack of knowledge of the plant world by Vastu Consultants. They have theoretical or hearsay knowledge about a few plants like Peepal, Ficus, Mango, Banana, jackfruit, Neem, Pomegranate, Bamboo, Rose, Tulsi, Chameli, Money plant etc.

Proper Vastu advice can only be provided by an expert of plants who has complete knowledge about the plant world. He should have on ground knowledge about plant behavior during different seasons, their life-span, their growing habits, their usefulness, their energy levels, and air-purification virtues.

A well planned and laid down farmhouse should have a nice skyline that should not create dark areas on the ground. Most of the gardens should be exposed to the sky so that the grass lawn can survive. Walkways should be cozy and comfortable. Boundaries should have beautiful palms that should not hinder the flow of sunlight and air. There should be two or three levels of greening and pathways should be alongside. Fountain and water bodies on the Northeast should have a pleasing flavor. Fruit trees should be kept to 10 feet height, some of the fruit trees should be avoided. Wherever required screening with suitable plants should be done. There should be rich planting of attractive plants and flowers. Geo-location is important in the selection of plants. Palms are the best choice for gardens and urban landscapes. Facilities like cottage, gazebo, fountain, statues should be installed according to personal taste.

Garden Vastu is not a static matter like a building or a construction. It’s highly dependent on geo-location, climatic conditions, soil conditions, quality of water for irrigation,  nearby structures, etc.

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