Blessed Soul

As Businessman

Dinesh has been always a quiet person and never wanted to take up living as businessman. At very young age, he had come across several businessmen who had enough
wealth but no peace in mind. He was happy working as executive in corporate houses. Since his wife Maya is from Sri Lanka, she has been persisting him to take up business as a career and to have some connection with Sri Lanka.    more

Landscaping Advisor

Dinesh used to live in mega cities and lead a sophisticated urban life. He had never dreamt that he would start living in a village and take up his career as an environmentalist. His love 
for nature and concern about causes of Global Warming inspired him to shift his abode to Green Mall in the year 2002. He started living with plants and with his keen interest of learning. He started observing the plant world. He has never attended any Agricultural University nor acquired any degree in agriculture or horticulture. He took practical   more

An Environmentalist

To-day almost everyone is aware that Global Warming had brcome the greatest challenge before the mank
ind. But it was not so alarming 15 years back. At that time only a few scientists and environmentalists had some idea about it. Dinesh learned about this in coming threat and decided to live rest of his life in harmony with Nature. He shifted his abode from Kolkata to a village called Samukpota in South 24 Paraganas, a district in West Bengal. No one could think that he would stay in a village for a long period. But to him the mission was more important and he lived here since 2001, and only in 2014 he moved to Mt. Abu with his next mission.           more

History Researcher

It was in 1988, after joining Brahma Kumaris movement; Sri Dinesh Rawat received an input that history of civilization is merely of 5000 years. His intellect was not in a position to accept the theory and he decided to explore about its validity. To-now, after 25 years of vigorous research, he has come out with some unbelievable and shocking facts about the history of India and civilization.

In the process of investigation, Dinesh has studied hundreds of books and articles,    more

A Writer

Dinesh has a flair for simple writing. He does not have mastery on English language and he does not seem to be much worried about.He says it is a stupid language with less rules but more exceptions. As far as spellings are concerned, on line spell checks in computer has come to his rescue.

Dinesh has written many article for newspapers, magazines and journals. He has written two books in the field of Environment and Gardening. “Palms for India” is the first book on palms in India. His second book is “Green your Surroundings”     more

A Poet

A person living in harmony with nature, divine and spiritualism naturally becomes a poet, his heart starts singing. Same is the case with Dinesh, he could write verses for Prakriti Ki Pukar and Prakriti Vandana and these lyrics have become quite popular.

Following is a verse which speaks about his outlook and philosophy        more

A Spiritual Seeker

Axis of Dinesh is spiritual knowledge from Brahmakumaris. Whatever he is to-day, it is because of his spiritual enlightenment. He would have been a totally different personality if his course of life would not have taken a diversion. He has been a very angry young man with ugly habits of heavy smoking and drinking, but he has turned into a very sober and kind person and dedicated himself to the cause of serving humanity through Nature and Spiritualism. He was instrumental in establishing Brahmakumaris Rajayoga Retreat at Green Mall.       more

His family

His definition of family is very magnanimous. He says “All human beings are members of my family. My family is not confined to the boundaries created by human beings”

Along with his world family, he is bestowed upon a very happy family. His mother Smt. Shan
ti Devi is now 96. Dinesh has always very high respect for her as she gave him a very strong support when he passed out from school. His father was not willing to finance him after high school. It was she who supported Dinesh for further studies.

Dinesh married his Sri Lankan Pen-friend Maya in 1981. They have three children, Roshni,
Chandni & Dinmay.      more

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