What is Palm Tree?

What is Palm Tree?

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Palm is a simple tree or plant which has no branches on its trunk or stem, leaves emerge on trunk or stems.

Out of 3,94,000 listed plants in the world only 2600 species are Palms (less than 1%).  They are monocot and perennial plants. They fall under the botanical families under Arecaceae. They can have tall stems or can be stemless. It can be climbers, shrubs or tall tree-like. They are flowering plants and are propagated from seeds. Some clustering palms can be reproduced by dividing their clumps.

Coconut, Arecanut (Supari), Borassus  (Taal), Phoenix sylvestris (Khajur) are some of the common single stem palms that we almost all over India.

Dypsis lutescens (Areca palm) Rhapis excelsa and Chamaedorea seifrizii (Bamboo palm) are some of the clustering palms which we commonly see all over India, planted indoors

Or outdoors, on ground or in pots.

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