Palms are the best choice amongst all plants for urban gardens & landscapes…

India has one of the best florae and fauna in the world because of its favorable climate, but somehow or another Indian flora was deprived of many Palm species. Only about twenty species of palms were in use out of worldwide 2600 species of palms. With his perseverance, he collected seeds of about 200 varieties from botanical gardens around the world. He imported some seeds from remote corners of the world. After germination, he distributed seedlings to Nurseries and now palms have become so popular that no one can think of a nice garden or landscape without palms.

He donated many species of palms and enriched collection of Indian Botanical gardens, Howrah. He authored “Palms for India” with his practical knowledge and made video presentations to popularise palms in urban landscaping and gardening.

He has discovered that Palms are highly Vastu friendly and desirable for urban gardens and landscapes. There are many palms that are suitable for indoors and possess air-purifying properties.