Garden Vastu Consultant

Dinesh Rawat, the esteemed Garden Vastu Consultant in India, harmonizes nature and spirituality through his expertise, guiding individuals to create balanced, prosperous outdoor spaces in alignment with Vastu principles.

Garden Vastu Consultant

A garden created with ancient knowledge of Vastu and a deep understanding of the plant world can bring forth luck, health, prosperity, and an abundance of positive energy. The proper placement of suitable plants, considering their behavior during different seasons and in various geo-locations, is key to creating a significant and attractive garden. Garden Vastu, unlike Vastu for buildings, deals specifically with live plants, each with its own lifespan, growing behavior, and unique energy levels.


For those who dream of leisure in a beautiful garden, owning a meticulously designed and maintained space is the ultimate reward in life. Every plant, tree, and object holds significance in the realm of Vastu science. By incorporating perfect knowledge of plants and their behavior in different weather conditions and locations, a garden becomes even more captivating and exudes positive energy.


Sri Dinesh Rawat, with his extensive research and travels to 60 countries, has dedicated his studies to palm trees. He has introduced over a hundred species of palms to the Indian horticultural landscape. Palms, being inherently Vastu-friendly, allow sunlight and air to flow freely without obstructing them. They also exhibit minimal littering and grow within manageable limits, making them ideal for Vastu-conscious gardens.


Having immersed himself in the world of plants for the past 20 years, Dinesh Rawat has established the renowned “Green Mall” facility on a sprawling 12-acre land near Kolkata. This facility showcases and offers over 2000 species of plants for display and sale. Dinesh has conducted numerous experiments with palms, fruit trees, flowering trees, shrubs, ground covers, water-loving plants, cacti, succulents, orchids, anthuriums, lilies, seasonal flowers, and more. In his book published in 2008, he extensively wrote about air-purifying plants, feng shui, and Vastu plants. His invaluable contributions have earned him titles such as the “Green Miracle Man,” “Green Guru,” and “Father of Palms in India.”


Today, Dinesh Rawat extends his expertise as a “Garden Vastu Consultant” to those who seek meaningful home gardens, farmhouses, resorts, commercial properties, and landscapes. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he guides individuals in creating spaces that align with Vastu principles, foster positive energy, and embody the beauty and harmony of nature.

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