When I share my discoveries about the true history of world civilization with my friends, most of them get very excited about sensational and revealing facts and encourage me to finish my next book, GLORIES OF INDIA, as soon as possible. But some of them are not in favor of the book as they feel that this book cannot achieve anything as at this stage, history cannot be altered around the world. Further, for most people, the truth is what they have been taught through generations; they would not be happy to see anything in contravention to that.
I fully agree that it is almost impossible to change the chronology of history as it is taught to children around the world. If someone dares to try, a major controversy will erupt all around. So no massive changes should be attempted. However, some small changes at ground levels can be considered, which would not create an uproar.
But then people should not know the truth? Should they also pass away with the fabricated history of the world civilization? In my opinion, at least open-minded people should have the privilege to know the truth conceptually. They must know when and under what circumstances deviations and fabrications had been done in history. History has been compiled under the influence of rulers, leaders, invaders, religious groups, and communities from time to time. So GLORIES OF INDIA will enlighten its readers and give them some striking ideas for thought and research.
Furthermore, I do not wish to write a treatise in the form of a history or a chronicle; I am just going to share some cream of my 26 years of profound research work. During this period, I have gone through hundreds of history books, scriptures, have had interactions with several historians and archaeologists, traveled to many historical monuments and available historical sites. I firmly believe that there is no reason for the eruption of any controversies as I am not against any religion, nation, or group. I have a deep respect for all the faith and religion. I have always seen the entire world as one family. “My family is not confined to boundaries created by human beings.”
I am born and brought up in a conservative Hindu family with Hindu beliefs, which were introduced into my mind when I was a child with a tender mind. This is how all children are brought up individually in the world, and they are installed with the beliefs of their respective religions. But in my case, as I grew up, I started applying my logical mind and exploring the genuineness of what had been installed into my mind. My big question is, if what has been taught to me is correct, then why are there so many other believes prevailing in the world. For example, how can it be possible that there is a rebirth for one group of people, and for other groups, there is no rebirth? Even if I accept it for once, then the question lies if one changes his religion, will his rebirth cease or begin? These sorts of fundamental questions made me not continue with the beliefs installed into my mind, and my journey of quest begins. I met several wise people from Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Judaism, Bahai, and other faiths with a totally positive and affirmative mind. I ensured that my mind is absolutely unbiased and unprejudiced. But surprisingly, no one had convincing explanations. Whenever I asked basic questions, they fumbled and said this is what their ancestors told them. My mind has always been quite open, and I have even married a lady of different religion and even from a different country. My beloved sweetheart wife Maya is from Sri Lanka, and she is practicing Buddhism.
Since I am a spiritual practitioner, all colors are the same; every cell in me loves every cell of the universe. I firmly believe that the book GLORIES OF INDIA is a call of time; it’s a call from the divine. People should know the truth. Definitely, this book would enlighten many to understand that we have become uncivilized from civilized. Whereas we believe that we have evolved from cells, monkeys, apes and are a highly civilized clan today. Interested people should have an opportunity to know the essence of truthful submission from an unbiased author.

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