Indian Green Guru

Dinesh Rawat - Green Guru in India, works tirelessly to protect the country's natural treasures and promote sustainability.

Green Guru

Dinesh Rawat, known as the “Green Guru,” is passionate about educating individuals on the joys and benefits of home gardening. He offers live online classes and engaging video tutorials, imparting practical knowledge and techniques to cultivate thriving green spaces.


Through his interactive online sessions, Dinesh Rawat shares his extensive expertise, covering various aspects of home gardening. From soil composition and plant selection to nurturing techniques and pest control, his classes provide valuable insights for gardeners of all levels. By sharing his knowledge, he equips individuals with the tools they need to create and maintain beautiful and sustainable gardens.


Dinesh Rawat extends his influence beyond online platforms by engaging with school children at Green Mall. Through inspiring presentations and hands-on activities, he instills in them an appreciation for nature and imparts the importance of home gardening. By fostering environmental awareness from an early age, he empowers the next generation to become passionate stewards of the environment.


As a dedicated mentor, Dinesh Rawat provides training and guidelines to his customers. Whether it’s selecting the right plants, understanding planting techniques, or troubleshooting common gardening challenges, he offers personalized support to help individuals achieve success in their gardening endeavors. His guidance ensures that customers feel confident and equipped to create flourishing green spaces.


In his commitment to promote environmental education, Dinesh Rawat generously shares complimentary digital copies of his books and videos. By providing access to valuable resources, he encourages individuals to deepen their understanding of gardening practices and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


Dinesh Rawat’s role as the “Green Guru” encompasses inspiring and educating individuals through live online classes, engaging with school children, providing guidance to customers, and sharing complimentary digital resources. His mission is to nurture a love for nature and empower individuals to embrace home gardening as a means to create sustainable and vibrant environments.

Dinesh Rawat Environmentalist