In 2005 he realized that green lovers in India face too many hurdles, and nurturing gardening hobbies is very difficult. They do not have access to all types of gardening items green-malland plants at one stop. They do not access someone for technical help; simple books for ordinary people are not available. He also found that Palms are generally not used for urban landscaping in India. He determined to take up the challenge and establish “Green Mall,” making total gardening as easy it could be for everyone. In February 2007, Green Mall was formally inaugurated, and to-day Green Mall has become a synonym forgreen-mall2 gardening. To-day, Green Mall has emerged as a beautiful ecological center with about 2500 types of plants and a spiritual retreat with Brahmakumaris meditation center. Whoever visits Green Mall returns with praise for all the positive things that this place offers?

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