During his stay at Green Mall he has been making sincere efforts to inspire everyone to maintain greenery around them. Greenery at home and work places have lot of benefits. Plants create a positive atmosphere. There is no one who dislikes plants. Plants make people feel calm, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and purify air by removing harmful toxins. Studies show hospital patients having opportunity of window view of garden recover more quickly than who have none. Efficiency levels arer found higher in office if it is decorated with pots plants.gys ad copy

Dinesh found that quite a lot of people are interested in greening their surroundings but they do not have adequate knowledge to maintain plants. Some are frustrated with Mali and gardeners. Best way to help them was to offer a book on Home Gardening in lucid manner.

After two years of exhaustive hard work, he completed “Green Your Surroundings” and made it available on a very moderate price of Rs. 390. The book has been well appreciated all over India and people are demanding to publish a Hindi version. Dinesh should consider it in near future.

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