Green Mall

A unique facility that inspires and helps everyone to go green. The widest varieties of plants in any nursery in India make this place a green pilgrimage. Situated near Kolkata, this garden center makes available everything required in home gardening, landscaping, vertical gardening, and terrace gardens.

Dinmay Exim

Dinmay Exim Avenue, a proprietorship firm was established in 1987 with zero capital and without any other resources except determination and a burning desire to succeed by overcoming all challenges and to earn foreign exchange, which was much desired for the nation at that period.

Raja Yoga Centre

He has been associated with Brahma Kumaris for over 32 years. After getting enlightened at this institute, Dinesh’s outlook towards life and humanity changed. He was motivated to lead a value-based life. He decided to open a Spiritual retreat centre in 2002 within

Prakriti Bandhu

Nature has been giving and is giving a lot to us, it’s time for us to give back to nature whatever we can. He has founded a Trust to inspire and help people to go green and to live in harmony with nature. Here various initiatives are taken to provide practical ways

Safal Jivan Institute

He has established an Institute within Green Mall campus for the purpose of imparting training on urban gardening. The institute is furnished with a hostel facility for 50 and practical on-ground training would be provided. On completion of training, students will

Green Paradise

Green Paradise” is a concept of natural heaven with lush greenery in an unpolluted

surroundings, on an area of Hundred Acres, a place where one can breathe pure

oxygen, have homegrown organic fruits and vegetables, a place which would make

Glories of India

GLORIES OF INDIA is a project to to project glorious unknown past of Bharatvarsh

“Green Your Surroundings” Book

He wanted those city dwellers should be helped to go green so that they are able to green their surroundings easily. They would be able to improve positive vibrations and remove toxins from the atmosphere. Their initiative would make our cities greener and

“Palms for India” Book

Dinesh has introduced over a hundred species of palms in India. He wanted to popularize palms in India as they are highly useful and Vastu friendly for urban landscape and gardening. To facilitate cultivation and identification he wrote the book

Concept Sobuj Sansar

He has conceptualized a dynamic plan which can make West Bengal a hub of horticulture, landscape and gardening sectors in India. The state is blessed with favorable climatic conditions and geo-location.

Let’s Make India Green

Dinesh has visualized a plan which can bring an additional source of income to our people living in rural India. Also, it would make India a Green & Clean country. A highly desirable concept which is highly relevant in to-days scenario on environmental crisis.

Educational Tours

Dinesh offers opportunities for educational trips to school children. Children love the beautiful sprawling campus and immediately on arrival they are inspired to live in harmony with nature. With practical demonstration they learn what are indoor and

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