His Mission Has Been To Inspire People To Go Green and To Live in Harmony With Nature

His mission has been to inspire people to go green and live in harmony with nature; with this motto, he gave up his booming business of international trading and decided to establish Green Mall near Kolkata and provide practical support to people go green. Green Mall is a Garden Centre where he makes everything available for indoor and outdoor gardening, helping people green their surroundings with ease.

He published several books in easy language for city dwellers, which provide all the tips to readers about how they can green their surroundings even if they are living in small apartments.

He organizes educational trips of school children to Green Mall, where they get practical training on the maintenance of plants at their home. They get highly inspired and motivate parents to install more plants at their residence, not only parents, some even request their teachers to make their school greener.

He keeps on writing in magazines and journals. He has made many videos teaching people about greening and plant maintenance.

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