From the core of his heart, Dinesh has been disappointed that many people are shedding crocodile tears, giving lectures, holding conferences, writing articles, etc., and thinking that humanity can be saved from the perils of Global Warming.


Dinesh realized that it was impossible to combat Global Warming’s menace unless each responsible citizen of the world involves himself. Even small actions by individuals will result in a massive impact. For example, planting one tree by every Indian will result in one billion more trees in India. Therefore, he came up with a unique idea of forming a non-profit organization that would inform individuals about Global Warming and guides them as to what they can do in their capacity to save the environment.

He, along with few other Nature lovers,, formed the Prakriti Bandhu Society in 2011. The objective of this society is to inspire everyone to take small actions to protect Nature. A small action by an individual can bring a billion times more fruitful results. Membership to this forum is free of any cost, and every responsible citizen must become its member and be a part of the solution.

You are also invited to Join Prakriti Bandhu. Be a part of this movement and inspire others to keep their surroundings clean and green.
It is unfortunate to see how people are getting away from Nature, and he knows that we can’t go too far. He is making all efforts to inspire people to live in harmony with Nature. He has been inspiring others to go green by providing all assistance through Green Mall by living in a village in the lap of Nature.

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