Safal Jivan Institute is a place of learning where a Safal Karma-Yogi provides practical guidance.

His guidance is similar to the ancient gurus whose teaching object was not commercial, but to raise insight amongst his pupils. His teachings are the result of the experiences gathered by him while traveling through many areas of life. He started his career with many disadvantages, but he crafted his way to the top in all areas with determination and struggle.

He has fifty years of successful professional life, with a deep understanding of the Subconscious mind, NLP, Positive Mental Attitude, Personality Development, Spiritualism, and Metaphysics.

He discovered that a person first needs to strengthen the foundation. Correction of basics in his lifestyle, habits, and attitude are necessary before one can embark on the journey of success.

He has devised a one-year “No Hurry Video Course” which would ensure 100% all-around success in whatever one likes to achieve in life. Daily fifteen-minute videos with small-tips will prepare you with baby steps to adulthood, ready to shine in life and glorify the nation!

To know more about the journey of foundation building “small-tips BIG RESULTS”  write to [email protected]

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