Dinesh had undergone an unbelievable transformation after receiving knowledge from Brahmakumaris. After inculcating this spiritual knowledge, he acquired an immense amount of inner strength. He was able to give up his hardcore habit of drinking, smoking, and non-vegetarianism in a single stroke. His business started flourishing. He was able to channel his mind and time most positively.
After having a life-changing experience by himself, he earnestly desires that more and more people get this knowledge free of cost like him. He decided to start a center in the serene atmosphere of Green Mall. In the year 2003. Brahmakumaris Spiritual Retreat was inaugurated by then chief Dadi Prakash Mani. Three teacher sisters started living here. Since then, regular Raja Yoga classes are being held. From time to time, several spiritual get-togethers and discourses have taken place. Thousands of souls have received direct benefits from the spiritual service.


Dinesh has the vision to make this place a memorial of Brahma Baba. The Founder father of Brahma Kumaris Iswariya Viswa Vidyalaya is Dada Lekhraj, popularly known as Brahma Baba. He was a diamond merchant in Kolkata. To have his memorial center at Kolkata will be a befitting tribute to him. He is sure that this spiritual sanctuary will become a place of international repute. It would turn into a pilgrimage for all BK followers and common people.


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