प्रेममयी संसार बने, प्रकृति का हम वंदन करे

There are many who love Nature; many serve nature and some worships. But Dinesh’s love and worshipping are realistic. His ode to Nature is two audio albums “Prakriti Ki Pukar” and “Prakriti Vandana” eleven high standard songs on environment and nature which touch very soul of listeners. He has distributed thousands of disks with these songs all over India.  Click here to listen to this highly thought-provoking and inspiring melody.

He decided to give up his city abode, international business of export & import and urban lifestyle. He moved to a small village called Samukpota in South 24 Parganas of West Bengal and adopted a farmer’s lifestyle and started living with plants. He demonstrated his true respect and love towards nature, he inspired many to go green and live in harmony with nature.



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